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We offer a 21-day free trial, no credit card required.


$ 29 /month
  • 100 daily users

  • 6 months data retention

Most popular


$ 69 /month
  • 500 daily users

  • 12 months data retention

  • Access to beta features


$ 149 /month
  • 1,500 daily users

  • 36 months data retention

  • Up to 5 applications

Startup friendly plan

Just getting started? The Basic plan includes all of the essentials for your team: 20 daily users and 2 months data retention - for just $8 per month .

Frequently asked questions

What's an application?

An application is a dedicated workspace or app. Applications allow you to seperate your analytics and reporting across multiple products or teams.

What happens when we go over the daily limit?

If we notice that you're consistently going over your daily limit of users, we'll reach out to you and prompt you to upgrade to the next subscription level. There's no automatic shut off of accounts. We'll continue to track events and give you time to upgrade.

What if we have more than 1,500 daily users?

No problem! Reach out to us and our sales team will build you a custom plan that fits your needs.

What's a daily user?

A daily user counts as a web browser session you've identified as a user or a backend API call you've identified as a user.

Is there a limit for events tracked?

You may track as many events as you'd like. However we recommend keeping the number between 30-50.

Can we invite all team members?

Yes! You can invite an unlimited number of teammates to access your NoChurn dashboards on any plan at no additional cost. All users have access to the same dashboards and data.


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