Tools to help you increase customer engagement

15% customer churn means you're renewing your entire customer base every 6 months. NoChurn shows you how to reduce churn and retain your customers.

Focus on what's working

NoChurn helps you determine and replicate the success of your most active customers. Use engagement data to launch and test new features with less risk and more insights.

  • Improve conversion rates

    Customer retention starts with optimized user onboarding. Understand why some users convert after their trial by analyzing their path to success.

  • More than just "Last Seen"

    Monitor users' behavior and understand which features are effective and which aren't. Focus on highly used features and eliminate technical debt or product complexity by identifying unsuccessful features.

  • Data-inspired product decisions

    Add reliable data points to your next product update decisions. Take advantage of real customer usage data to eliminate the guesswork and measure the impact of your efforts.

Daily product usage

Pro-actively prevent customer churn

Set custom rules and NoChurn handles customer flagging. From medium to high risk, we tell you which customers to reach out to prevent unwanted cancellations.

  • Create "churn risk" rules

    Don't let your customers slip away. Create custom parameters to monitor and NoChurn aggregates an actionable list of customers for teams to reach out and engage.

  • Automated customer outreach

    NoChurn sends automated emails based on the rules created by you to re-engage customers and help put your customer success outreach on autopilot.


Helping you decrease customer churn.

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