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Increase customer engagement

NoChurn helps product builders increase app retention by tracking metrics like daily engagement, new feature adoption, and more.

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Behavior analytics

Understand how users use your product. Nochurn helps you increase engagement by seeing what’s working and what’s not.

Compare versions

Make sure your product updates improve product KPIs such as increasing trial conversions or the average time spent in a particular feature.

Prevent churn

Get a list of high-risk customers showing signs of canceling their account. Use product data to engage your customers before they churn.


“Before using NoChurn, we did not know what features our customers were using precisely, NoChurn helps with our yearly renewals.”

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Simple tools to track product engagement

When onboarding new users, the "Aha!" moment is critical. The sooner users experience value, the more likely they are to stay engaged.

The same goes for paying customers. You want them to use your product and make sure they're continuously getting the value. Otherwise, they'll cancel their account.

Leverage user engagement analytics to improve conversions, reduce churn, track usage, and make better decisions about your product roadmap.


Helping you decrease customer churn.

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